Mobile A/B testing


can you test on
our website?



We choose the most attractive icon for your users



We choose screenshots that will increase conversion rates by



We make readable and informative description


How we do this


We create two landing pages similar to app store pages


We send targeted traffic to them


We analyze indicators


We choose the best option

What А/В testing will give you?


Understanding of your users’ needs


Conversion rates increase up to 20%

One of Applead services is A/B testing. This method provides an opportunity to chose the best alternative of two samples for target audience and improve web-product. A/B tests are powerful tool and they can be taken for each main elements like icons, screenshots, texts, description of application, ad banners images, headlines of articles, pictures, videos, print types, colors, place of button, menu and order forms.

The way of realize A /B testing method is to propose customers to choose themselves the best sample of image, description or other elements. For some reasons customer’s attention can be attracted by some elements. From the other side, there are elements absolutely non-attractive for users for understandable reasons and they ignore important elements and information. One of A/B testing tools that we use in mobile app A/B testing is Google Play Developer Console. The result of A/B testing and analyzing statistics is information about reaction and clicks on elements by users and select the best alternative. Little changes in color, print type, size of button, menu or order form have great influence on loyalty of target users and enable them to make more orders. This method is recommended to every mobile application, site and landing page.

Pay much attention to all elements should companies with e-commerce business-model which provide their customers with on-line order form. In case if one of order form element is unnoticeable than customers make less orders and company have less profit. AppLead can help to cope with such problem and think about places and looks of each element, test every sample and perform detailed statistics result about users A/B testing.

Importance of A/B testing

We have deep understanding about importance of visual elements at composition. Icons of mobile application must be attractive for target audience, but not fit for the style of designer. User isn’t going to read the description of mobile application if he didn’t like the icon of application. This little marketing fact influences great on the number of installs of mobile app.

Users are very critical and notice little details which they don’t like and details which disturb their work. A/B testing leads to improvement and increase the conversion of your product.

At Applead we know how to increase the conversion and what exactly disturb user’s work A/B testing order is wise invest in product development. A/B testing provided by AppLead – the cheapest, simple and available way to improve your products. The A/B tests results make better product conversion, optimize traffic, increase level of orders and profit of company.