App Store Optimization (ASO) for Android and iOS

Full complex of your app's
page optimization
Increasing of organic installs
Your application will get search traffic after optimization
Search Engine Optimization has a long-lasting effect in contrast to getting to the Top
ASO does not require large budgets for promotion

App Search Optimization includes

Professional analysis of competitors will help to identify traffic keywords, analyze the methods of promotion and identify the main trends in the graphics DETAILED ANALYSIS OF COMPETITORS KEYWORD SELECTION Optimizing the application with keyword selection increases the number of installations by 20% The name of the application should be: simple, but original, short, explain the essence of the application. Name must contain the application's main key SETTING THE NAME FOR THE BEST SEARCH VISIBILITY CREATING EFFECTIVE ICON A modern, colorful, professional icon will enhance the recognition of your application among competitors Correctly presented and beautifully designed advantages of your application will raise the conversion from view to installation CREATING OF INTERESTING SCREENSHOTS CREATING AN INFORMATIVE DESCRIPTION Complete application semantics: maximum coverage of keywords for the subject matter of the application and a structured written description will increase the number of app installs
Increasing of organic installs
App Store Optimization Packages
ASO Bronze Silver GOLD Diamond
App Analysis
Keyword Research
Competition Research
App Description writing
Icon Redisgn in 3 options
App Screenshot design in 3 options
A/B testing for graphics
App Strore localization
App Store Rating & Reviews 5 ratings(USA) 10 ratings(USA) 30 ratings(USA) 60 ratings(USA)
App reviews video
App's TOP keywords installs 30 installs 50 installs 100 installs 100 installs
Free consultancy
99 $ 199 $ 499 $ 649 $
App Store Optimization (ASO) is a component of app success. The primary elements the user can see in the app store are icon, description and screenshots of mobile app. User takes a look at the icon and screenshots of the app, reads description and decides immediately whether he likes this app and install it or search for another app.

App Search Optimization

Sometimes it is very difficult for user to find a proper app in the store. It is caused by bad description or wrong app store keyword optimization. It is often the case that app icon doesn’t correspond to app content or just doesn’t attract user. AppLead team can easily eliminate these causes by writing a good description, selecting app title, icon, keywords and making video of the app.

Proper app search optimization is a key factor of app success among users, a channel for attracting the target audience that influences search results in the store. That’s why AppLead specialists pay attention to all elements including keywords, title, icon, screenshots and description of the app. When checking thoroughly all the elements of the app description, AppLead team guarantees better visibility of the app in the store. Improved app store search optimization increases the chances that users will notice the app.

AppLead team can use A/B testing method and select the most appropriate icon and description for application. App icon is not just an image. It should attract users, not push them away. Most users install mobile apps with attractive icons. The text itself can be not attractive from the user’s point of view. That’s why it should be tested and that's why we offer a variety of app store optimization tools.

Optimization of description can be applied in the store at any stage. However, it is better to take care of it when releasing the app.

App Store Optimization consists of:

  • competitor’s apps analysis;
  • correct name selection;
  • correct keywords selection;
  • app description;
  • optimization of icon and screenshots;
  • reviews and ratings.

ASO benefits provided by AppLead:

  • improve app’s visibility in App Store applications search results;
  • increase search engine rankings;
  • target users engagement;
  • affordable promotion.