Advantages of contextual advertising for mobile apps

What is mobile contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is advertising on any device that acts selectively and is displayed to webpage visitors or mobile app users, whose interests in one way or another coincide with the subject of the advertised mobile app


Uses keywords to find a user

Takes into account different times of the day, since user queries differ fundamentally depending on it

Uses the remarketing function, which makes it possible to re-apply to the users who have already used this app before

AppLead experts are always ready to help set up context advertising of your mobile app in order to get maximum performance from the created advertising campaign

Show ads to users of specific apps
Show ads to users based on their demographic data
Show ads in certain categories of apps
Keyword search in Google Play
Show ads to users based on their interests

Contextual ads proper setup executed by AppLead specialists is a good way to deliver information to the audience and opportunity to save your ad budget on those ads that your target users may not notice. This is an element of contextual marketing which allows you to reach out to those users who take interest in the ad theme or visit the appropriate websites. For instance, the advertising of “Embroidery Goods” online store will be viewed by only those users who regularly search for embroidery schemes and visit the websites intended for people who embroider in satin-stich or use stumpwork for decorations.

How it works?

AppLead specialists will take care of all the subtle details and contextual ad setting. Contextual ads has a keyword contextual targeting direction. By using contextual ads, you can advertise your company on the web pages according to search results for certain keywords, as well as on the sites with contextual ad units. Contextual ad includes a hyperlink that will take user to advertiser's website and thereby bringing contextual traffic. If user is interested in this ad and clicks it, the web page will be opened and he will be able to find more information about advertised product or service.

AppLead team will help you understand what, how, where and on what terms you should advertise with the help of contextual ads. The benefits of using this type of ads are obvious: it is shown only to the users concerned. AppLead specialists will provide an initial competitive analysis, set clear and accurate campaign goals, make your ad displayed in a better position and make it contextual targeting. Thus, you will be able to get more users and orders every day.

When using contextual ads, you can set remarketing function (remarketing in Yandex.Direct). It is a very handy function that allows you to readdress those users, who have already visited the advertiser’s website or use mobile app. Banner ads of the company will be shown to these users when they view other websites and won’t let them forget about your products. It is difficult to setup a remarketing campaign, however it provides the opportunity to show ad to those users who took interest in the product or company, thus you receive more conversions. AppLead specialists will setup the contextual ads in the best possible way according to the campaign goals.


Contextual ads and its dot effect are less irritable than traditional advertising. That is why it influences user more effectively. It shows user area of interest thus increasing the chance of receiving a response.

This type of ads allows you to spend your ad budget reasonably on your target audience only. Reaching out to the audience concerned will significantly increase response to ads.

AppLead team knows all the nuances of contextual ad setup. Our specialists know what provisions should be made and how to precisely identify the target audience of advertising message. This is because you pay ad costs whether per click or per view. Work with AppLead get new users and be ready that current AppLead staff may be not enough to process new orders.