Frequently asked questions

How to create a new campaign?

To create a new ad campaign in Apple Ad, you need to:


To be able to create an advertising campaign, you need to register on the site applead.net. (The detailed process of registration is described in FAQ)


After registration, enter the personal cabinet (after login) by clicking on "Overview" in the top menu of the website.




After enter into the personal account, click on "Campaigns" in the sidebar.





In the menu, click "Create campaign" or select from the sidebar "New Campaign".





After clicking the "Create campaign" it takes you to the campaign creation menu "Installs" (CPI).

Next, you need to fill in all the fields in your advertising campaign "Installs".


We deliver traffic to you on CPI and CPA models.

Why do install prices vary?

Price depends on your app category and conversion rates.

What targeting possibilities do you have?

Targeting model and operating system of the device. Also targeting the countries.

I cannot sign up. I haven’t received a confirmation email. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Support at submit@applead.net

I don’t receive emails from CashPump.net. Why?

If you don’t receive emails or email notifications from our site:


  • make sure your email address is correct,
  • check your spam folder,
  • check if there are filters that remove incoming messages,
  • check with senders if they got the message sent back to them as a server auto reply. It should contain the failure reason,
  • please, check if there is enough space in your mailbox. Check the amount of available space for the incoming folder

How do I deposit to my account?

Go to the personal account and click "Pay"




In the tab "Deposit funds" Enter the desired amount and click "Proceed to checkout"




My referral disappeared. Why?

Referral can disappear in case his account was deleted.


There are two cases when user account can be deleted:


1) User has violated our rules (https://applead.net/rules)

2) User has deleted his account

Who are referrals?

Referral is a participant of affiliate program who signed up through your referral link.


For example:


You have recommended our AppLead  Service to your friend. He found it interesting and you sent him your referral link to sign up.


You can find the link in your account:


1) Enter Referrals section

2) Copy your referral link



If your friend register through this link in AppLead system, he automatically becomes your referral. And you will get the percentage of amount of money he earns.