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It has been repeatedly proven that reviews and ratings affect the app rating. There is an opinion among users that a good app is that which has a rating of more than 4.0 points and has a huge number of downloads. We can provide you with both of them

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Why Reviews and Ratings Are So Important?


Reviews help you bring your app to the TOP and hold it there


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Reviews affect your future users’ loyalty

Applead pays full attention to user rating and review as an important component of the promotion. Before having a look at the description and making the initial impression, new users check out the application rating and reviews.

The positive review has an influence on the app reputation. The target audience will see reviews about an application that was submitted by our executors. 20% or one in five of target users pay attention to existence and content of the review.

The app that received 5.0 accolade hits the top faster than others do. High score attracts the target audience. That is why, it is important to take care about positive app reviews, high score, and ratings in advance and order them from motivated users.

Applead makes a point of the importance of balance between positive and negative review. Competitors could leave negative comments and spoil the big picture. Positive response downplays negative review, which was left by persons who could not look into work of application or article. The content of comment plays a role too. Users trust reasonable reviews more. We take care of reviews and user’s evaluation of your application. For this reason, new users will see cogent opinions, positive response and high score.

Benefits from reviews and rating

Our team knows that the using of keywords in android app reviews helps to tell about quality and advantages. This approach could be an essential part of the app promotion and has influence on the search result and showing key messages to new users. The response to negative review, the wish to help or the answer on behalf of the company show that company appreciate all its users and feedback from them.

Users often receive proposes to estimate an app, article or service according to five-point grading scale and leave a comment. It is a feature of every social network. Because of users’ unpredictability, Applead proposes to take care about good reputation.

It is possible to use keywords in comments and app store reviews. It will be noticeable contribution into app promotion. Furthermore, it will have influence on research result and showing key messages to new users. The response to negative reviews, the wish to help or the answer on behalf of the company show that company appreciates all its users and wants to receive any feedback from them.

Potential of Applead

Reviews became the marketing tool that put together the audience and boost sales. Our service takes care about ios app reviews and ratings. We are sure that user can leave a positive feedback if we address to him or her correctly. If you order mobile app reviews in Applead, you can be sure that they will be high quality and written by real active users.

The cooperation with Applead is your path to the Top of app ranking, positive image and up selling.