Buy Android installs and iOS installs

Installs can be:





Who needs it?


Massive applications
(games, messengers, useful utilities and so on)


Those who want to get lots of organic traffic from search engine


Those who want to receive positive reviews


Niche apps


App’s target audience who belong to a certain area or a category


Those who want to get targeted installs

Why you should buy app downloads


Fast track
to the Top Overall and Top category


Promotion to the TOP
by a search query
(by keyword)


Higher app


Low cost per


Target user


These users
are more loyal
to the app


Higher percentage
of paid users


Higher app user life

How it works?


You order a required service or a certain number of installs


Our executors receive this task


People download Your app as many times as necessary


Your app gets into the TOP


We select the target traffic sources


We discuss the targets and KPI with You


We setup and provide an advertising campaign


Your app receives loyal users.

Every released app needs direct and keyword installs. There are many traffic channels. Each of them has its pros and cons. AppLead deals with all traffic channels including pay per install channel and knows how to attract users to the application and make it popular.

App Store and Google Play app ratings depend on the number of installs and user high estimates. To increase app rankings, a certain number of users should install it in the shortest possible time. When app is in the top apps list, it attracts organic traffic and loyal users.

Incentive traffic is usually purchased by publishers of games or apps that are intended for a mass audience (entertainment, social networks, messengers, weather, reading apps). When app in the top apps list, it is important to hold leading positions for a few days in order to attract the maximum number of organic installs.

To achieve the promotional goal, our specialists can use the services of incentivized users of affiliated companies, thus providing a leading position for the app in the apps list and attracting new users. Many users are ready to install applications on their smartphones and earn a little bit of extra money for such a simple action. These installs will influence the general ratings of the app on the store. The higher the ratings, the more audience representatives and loyal users will be attracted.

AppLead team shows consideration for every app and understands that the time factor should always be considered. Fridays and weekends are usually the most popular days for apps search in the Entertainment category. For this reason app should enter the top list on Friday and thus attract the organic traffic during the whole weekend. That’s why all the incentive installs should be ordered in advance. Quite a different strategy will suit a paid business app. Users usually search and install them at the beginning of the week.

It’s much easier to promote a paid app to the top. It will take the minimum number of installs. Promotion of the free app intended for a mass audience requires much more installs. A number of installations also influence the store recommendations for similar apps according to the topic and the number of installations: “Similar Apps” and “Most Popular” categories. For this reason we can use the competitors and try to attract the target audience at their costs. AppLead team is sure that strategic approach allows you to make a sufficient profit from incentive traffic and bare low financial expenses.

Benefits of work with AppLead and advantages of incentive app installs

  • App promotion to the Top of Google Play and App Store;
  • Good reviews and ratings;
  • Organic installs and loyal users attraction;
  • Low cost per install.

Do you have an app but have no mobile app traffic? In AppLead we can easily solve this issue. Paid installs are the most effective way to promote apps. AppLead has its own reliable traffic sources and successfully implemented campaigns. Users will install your apps, it will have a higher position in the rating and then it will be noticeable and attractive to loyal users.