Targeted mobile advertising on Social Media

Targeted advertising is focused on a certain group of users that may be interested in your product. It allows you to significantly narrow the range of possible users to potentially real ones, which, in turn, will save you money

By means of personal data in the social media, interests, viewed videos and other sources you can analyze and choose the correct target audience.

Collection of data on age, education, place of residence, profession and hobby gives you an opportunity to identify potential customers and get them interested in a particular promotional offer.


Reduces the negative reaction to promotional offers

Selects only potential users

Advertising expenses shrink

By ordering targeted online advertising in AppLead you can free up your funds due to the exact orientation of the ad campaign aimed at precisely selected group of users

What we do?

If you start a new mobile application and you want to be known many of your potential users, targeted advertising - that's what you need

AppLead experts will:

Identify your target audience

Develop efficient promotional offers

Segment the audience and develop a unique offer for it

Optimize costs

Conduct an advertising campaign

Social media promotion for mobile apps allows you to get good results and attract new users. It’s no wonder, because such companies most closely meet the interests of the audience. Marketing with social media has advantages over other types of promotion and opens up new horizons and promotion opportunities for developers.

For instance, if user mentioned he loves travelling, you can offer him tourism apps, such as maps, ticket booking, hotel selection, tourist guides, taxi, etc.; if user mentioned that he’s a lawyer, it means that developers of statute roll apps will not hesitate to offer such users their apps. Target gives developers of mobile apps the opportunity to attract additional traffic. Specialists of AppLead mobile marketing studio consult on optimization and configure contextual ads of mobile apps or games.

Mobile targeted advertising

It’s quite easy to address users who are potential representatives of the target audience of the app and attract targeted traffic through social media. What exactly social network do potential users of your app prefer? It depends on rigorous view of the target audience of your app and mobile app itself.

What social network has millions of active users? Some of them prefer Facebook, still others massively twit on Twitter and somebody post new photos to Instagram every day.

Targeted online advertising

This is a form of advertising which focuses on certain traits of social media users who are likely to have a strong preference. When registering their account, every user shall complete all the required fields in the registration form and provides information that later becomes a framework for holding ad campaigns and targeting. Thus, this kind of advertising is targeted clearly on segmented audiences.

Hence the specifics of targeting ads . When setting up an social media marketing campaign it is possible to use the unique data provided by users, such as the following:

  • gender;
  • age;
  • location.

When subscribing to different topical groups, users considerably expand their private data and convey the information about their interests to advertisers. It helps them choose the audience to show the mobile app or game advertising.

Targeting opportunities

The targeted use of unique information, provided by social networks about their subscribers, allows setting up and holding social networks advertising campaigns, intended for certain user groups, while meeting their interests, what considerably increases the conversion rates of such advertising.